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A detailed look at the process

The Problem
People were concerned over energy usage in their homes, and these were mostly stemmed from worrying over the cost of utility bills, especially in regards to electricity. 3 out of 5 users found that their bills were too high, but did not know what was causing it.

Based on user interviews, the solution needed to:
1. Track individual home appliance’s usage of energy
2. Be accessible for most households
3. Have a reliable source

Based on market research, there already exists several specialty energy monitors that require outfitting and installation in the home. My approach would be to make available the same sort of basic energy monitoring for households who are not able to afford installation of specialty energy monitors. The solution was based on existing available sources, namely Singapore Power’s energy audit calculator and current R&D in the UK on smart electric meters.

The Solution
Energy FootPrint is an affordable alternative solution to the energy monitor that requires physical installations in the home.

  • Tracks the energy usage of individual home appliances
  • Educates user on how they are utilising electricity in the home
  • Encourages user to start reducing electricity usage by reminding them of energy saving goals
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How I Arrived

Topic Mapping  |  Research  |  Data Analysis  |  Wireframe  |  Prototype   |  Iteration  |    View Prototype


Topic Mapping  |  Research  |  Data Analysis  |  Wireframe  |  Prototype   |  Iteration  |    View Prototype

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Topic Mapping  |  Research  |  Data Analysis  |  Wireframe  |  Prototype   |  Iteration  |    View Prototype

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