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A detailed look at the process

The Problem
Eatigo has a really good business model. The official statistics have boasted over 25,000 app downloads, however a survey on the streets show that locally, most people aren’t familiar or even aware of the Eatigo app yet.

Findings showed that one of the more important goals for users using the app was to be able to find what they want in the least amount of time, and also to make comparisons before having to enter a restaurant page to make a booking. Location, price, timing and

The Solution
Although there were other existing problems, based on feature prioritisation, we focused the solution on these design goals:

  • To facilitate making decisions when dining as a group
  • To push the most relevant choices to users, according to their priorities
  • To give assurance and high Level of Credibility, Recommendation, Reviews
  • Sync/Communicate booking information and discount with restaurant staff

38% increase in efficiency during task analysis

42% increase in approval rating of the app experience